Socialist Alliance and Greens election results in Tasmania

Steve Painter and Rose McCann spainter at
Tue Jul 23 18:48:28 MDT 2002

Last Saturday state government elections were held in Tasmania, the
Australian state with the highest unemployment and most depressed regional
The right-wing Labor Party government was returned with 15 seats out of 25
(up one seat) and 52.3 per cent of the total vote; the even more right-wing
Liberal Party was devastated, winning only six seats (down from 10) with
26.9 per cent; and the Greens won four seats (up from one) with 18.2 per
The Socialist Alliance won less than 0.25 per cent of the vote total, with
701 votes out of 332,473 voters and averaged less than 0.5 per cent of the
total vote in the three electorates it contested.

Electorate of Bass: Socialist Alliance 94 votes (0.17 per cent of 65,772
voters). Greens 9509 (16.33 per cent)
Electorate of Denison: Socialist Alliance 415 votes (0.73 per cent of 67,975
voters). Greens 13,832 (24.22 per cent)
Electorate of Franklin: Socialist Alliance 192 votes (0.33 per cent of
67,564 voters). Greens 11,688 (20.23 per cent)
For Socialist Alliance's reaction, see "Record Vote for Socialist Alliance"
by Alex Bainbridge and
"Increased Vote for Greens a Sign of Hope", also by Alex Bainbridge
For a response by the Greens, see "Greens Set World Benchmark in Tasmania"

Steve Painter

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