Sectarian Murder in NI

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Wed Jul 24 06:09:26 MDT 2002

As far as republicans/irish communists on this list are concerned, who is
responsible for the wave of attacks/killings/threats, etc. recently taking
place in the North. One side constantly blames the other. The brutal hate
killing of G. Lawlor the other day was shocking and sad. Why is this sort of
thing happening- is it a ploy by the UDA to capitalise on the political
vauum which the IRSP has rightfully argued has opened up on the ground? Or
is it in some way at least a response to IRA activity? If so, what sort of
activity, what agenda is being purseud that could justify sectarian turf
wars? Why was there the shooting of a protestant a few days ago by
republicans?  Was it the shooting of a protestant or wwas it the shooting of
a loyalist terrorist?
Anyway, the fascists in the UDA have issued more threats, probably hoping to
escalate sectarian violence and drive the communities firther and further

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