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Hari Kumar hari.kumar at
Wed Jul 24 17:04:37 MDT 2002

Dear Nancy,
You really should not be surprised to have Marie Mies quoted back at
you. What - did you think
that Marxists only stay in their cells reciting mantras? Can they not
read and think - as you are so
proud that you can?  In the Indian context, Vandana Shiva's (& those of
Gail Omvedt) are a pure
utopianism (See by Alliance ML: ""Deep Ecology"             Indian
Ecofeminists Refuted " at
That is not to say that there is not a progressive strand within Shiva
and Omvedt. I frankly think that
you will not be inclined to the view that it is not a matter of ignoring
issues of raising children etc; or
of non-employed workers - it is of asking where is the most effective
lever to put the capitalist class
into an impossibly tight vise with no exit but surrender?
Hari Kumar

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