Sept. 11, oil and conspiracies

jonathan flanders jon_flanders at
Wed Jul 24 18:51:30 MDT 2002

>> Many of the heavy-breathing conspiracy
theorists don't even realize that the major Unocal pipeline would have
moved natural gas, not oil. Like Pilger, some also seem to believe that the

Caspian's energy reserves are going to be shipped to America, presumably to

warm our homes and fuel our SUVs, when in fact most of the oil and gas from

the Caspian is destined for markets in Russia, Europe and Central Asia
itself. <<

Well, count me out at least on this one. Of course gas is and was the fuel
in question. And the Asian market the  target. I suppose Silverstein thinks
there is no money to be made selling gas to Asians?

It sounds like Silverstein is trying to deny the economic backdrop to the
war by jumbling it in with conspiracy theories about Bush foreknowledge of
the attacks.

Jon Flanders

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