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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 25 09:00:38 MDT 2002

>"I shall first review briefly an historical precedent to the present "war on
>terrorism", namely the Cold War. I shall argue that the way it is presented,
>also within most of the left, reflects the ideological prejudices of the
>dominant powers. Then, I'll discuss some frequent delusions in the left
>about power, war and human rights. Some of this part will be polemical; but
>it is a fact that the recent wars, specially the Kosovo one, were supported
>to a surprising extent by liberals and leftists and that the opposition to
>them by "revolutionaries" or "radicals" has been extraordinarily weak. In
>the concluding section, I shall try to make some constructive suggestions."
>I think this article is the most interesting for socialists outside Britain.

btw, this Jean Bricmont is the same guy who co-authored "Intellectual
Imposters" with Alan Sokal.

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