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Subject: re: replies From Nancy
From: Hari Kumar <hari.kumar at sympatico.ca>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 19:04:37 -0400
Dear Hari,

The first thing I noticed about your most recent post was the you did
not address one point that I raised. I addressed your points, but you
did not address mine. To me, this means that you do not want to
engage in dialogue with me and that you are interested only in
delivering lectures. I am not looking for correspondents on the list
who are interested only in delivering lectures.

The second thing I noticed is that you clearly do not want me in your
Revolution – not even if I do your cooking, cleaning, laundry, child
care and serve you coffee in your office, or at the party headquarters.

<<it is not a matter of ignoring
issues of raising children etc; or
of non-employed workers - it is of asking where is the most effective
lever to put the capitalist class
into an impossibly tight vise with no exit but surrender>>

You go ahead and have your revolution without me. You’ve been
trying already for 150 years to have a successful workers revolution,
and so far you haven’t done it. I don’t have another 150 or 1500 years
to wait around.

<<What - did you think
that Marxists only stay in their cells reciting mantras? Can they not
read and think - as you are so
proud that you can?>>

Think what this would sound like if you were saying it to an African
American man or woman. Remember “I’m black and I’m proud”? Well, I’m
a woman and I am proud, too, at last, and now that I am, you want to
shame me for it. Well, shame on you. You should be supporting me, not
trying to tear me down. If you were a true revolutionary, that’s what
you would be doing. But all you want to do is preach and defend your
male revolution.

Remember “the political is personal and the personal is political”? Or
Maybe you never heard it, or if you did you thought it was bullshit.
Because you think that no relationship is good unless it’s with another
man who thinks exactly like you do.

That’s all the time I have for this kind of bullshit. I will read one
more post from you, to give you a chance to apologize. If you don't
apologize, I’m not reading any more.


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