How the Peace Process Divided Ireland

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Sat Jul 27 17:48:43 MDT 2002

At 02:35 AM 7/27/2002, John O'Neill wrote:
 >But I would challenge anyone to defend a return to
 >the situation that existed before the agreement.

If all the armed struggle was able to achieve was the GFA, then it
ultimately failed to advance Republican or Republican Socialist
goals.  Would a return to such tactics right now achieve anything more?  I
don't believe it would.  I don't think the author of this article believes
so, either.

However, despite what Gerry Adams may say now, Republicans and Republican
Socialists were never fighting for a devolved British Assembly and a few
crumbs from the master's table.  Even the United Irishmen in the 1790s were
fighting for something more radical and progressive than that.

 >Danielle, Is this a Marxist list or am I merely
 >hallucinating that it's one?

Depends on which color pill you took, John.  ;)

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