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Mon Jul 29 06:44:17 MDT 2002

>I shall continue my examination of the resurgence on a global scale
>of the mixture of magical thinking and politics in a future post. We
>will be looking at the neo-tribalism of the New Age Travellers, the
>anarkids, and the neo-fascist influence in the fringes of
>Joan Cam+ron

You will continue your examination somewhere else. My mistake was to relax
the subscription and posting rules on this email list in the hope that
after nearly six months you would have taken your racist hatred of
indigenous people somewhere else. I underestimated your level of obsession.
I have now reinstituted guards against this kind of anti-indigenous rant.
Take your "examination" to alt.skeptics or alt.objectivism where it is more

For newcomers to Marxmail, Joan C. is a very disturbed individual who has
made her mission in life to attack indigenous beliefs and society. We put
up with her for about a year until everybody understood that she really had
no other agenda to speak of. In general, we would not automatically exclude
somebody who had some of these beliefs, but in her case we were dealing
with somebody who was not interested in a two-way dialog but proselytizing
others with her peculiar mix of social Darwinism and bourgeois feminism.
She spent about five minutes in the Trotskyist movement in the 1960s, like
a million other people, but broke her ties with Marxism long ago.
Unfortunately, she--like many others--does not seem to be aware of this fact.

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