Fw: Over 200 Teachers Arrested in Pakistan

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This just came from the Pakistan Labour Party:

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Subject: Over 200 Teachers Arrested in Pakistan

> Over 200 Teachers Arrested in Pakistan
> Over two hundreds teachers were arrested by Lahore police today on 29th
> July. They were arrested outside Government Islamia Girls College Cooper
> where a protest meeting was to be held against privatization. Hundreds of
> policemen were deployed since early morning to stop this rally. Women and
> professors and teachers were dragged to the police van while they tried to
> the college premises. It is estimated that the police has picked up over
> teachers this morning.
> We just had been to a police station to meet the arrested teachers. They
> were 45 teachers including professor Nazim Husnain, the president of All
> Pakistan Professors and lecturers Association cram packed in a tiny room
with only
> fan. All the teachers were sweating but determined to fight back
> privatization.
> Women teachers were brought to Race Course police station of Lahore also
> receiving the same treatment.
> In a unique show of strength, all the teachers from the colleges and
> are united in Joint Action Committee Teachers Punjab to launch a protest
> movement against the handing over the nationalized educational
institutions to
> the former owners. The notification to denationalize these institutions
> sparked an immediate movement of the teachers across Punjab who are
> protest meetings at various educational intuitions. Protest meetings have
> attended by thousands of teachers across Punjab during the last one-week.
> The military government issued the notification during the summer
> in a false hope that teachers without the help of the students would not
> able to resist against this. On the contrary, the movement of the teachers
> getting stronger and stronger forcing the government to curb this movement
> arresting the teachers.
> On 26th July, Labor Party Pakistan organized a one day All Parties
> Conference at Lahore Press Club against this anti education move. Several
> parties, Trade unions and social organizations attended the APC and vowed
> fight the privatization of the educational institutions.
> Most of the student organizations have also condemned the privatization of
> education and have declared their full support to the teachers.
> The joint Action Committee Teachers Punjab is holding a press conference
> today and appealing to teachers all over Pakistan to protest as strong as
> possible against the arrests.
> This an emergency appeals to all the teachers unions and other union
> movement internationally to take up this issue and send strong protest
against these
> brutal actions of the government.
> >From Farooq Tariq
> General secretary
> Labour Party Pakistan
> Raja Mehboob Hussain
> Information secretary
> Joint Action Committee
> Teachers Punjab
> Send your protests to
> Please send your protest letters to
> Chief Executive
> General Pervez Musharraf
> President of Pakistan
> CE Secretariat, Islamabad
> Email: ce at pak.gov.pk
> Fax: 92-51-9201051
> Federal Minister Education
> Zubaida Jilala
> E-mail: pak at yahoo.com
> Fax Number 92 51 9202851
> Governor of Punjab
> Khalid Maqbool
> Governor Punjab
> Governor House, Lahore
> Fax: 92-42-9200077

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