Thinking About the Weather (Underground)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Jul 29 13:33:22 MDT 2002

Marc Rodrigues wrote:
> July 26, 2002
> Thinking About the Weather (Underground)
> by Ron Jacobs
> The first actions undertaken by these cells
> included the firebombing of police cars in response to the Chicago police
> murders of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark

A couple footnotes.

1) Very minor: what Ron refers to as RYM 1 was RYM2 -- the original RYM
had i ncluded both weather people and the later RYM2

2) It was simply impossible to carry on a discussion with Weather. They
didn't listen. (Lou Proyect speaking of Brenner or Wood gives the flavor
of Weatherman style.)

3) Fred Hampton's speeches around Chicago during the last weeks of his
life always began with a severe criticism of Weatherman. Any action they
took in response to his death was an insult to his memory.


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