Agree with Louis on the Camer0n matter

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Mon Jul 29 14:20:39 MDT 2002

I agree with Louis completely on the removal of Joan Camer0n.  We've had at
least a year of on and off /off and on tangled and absolutely torturous
episodes involving her obviously unyielding anti-Native -- and anti-Fourth
World generally --  tedious expositions. Along with a number of others, I've
made efforts to dialogue rationally with her on these matters -- and it has
simply been an utter waste of time. This isn't a matter of agreement or
disagreement.  It's simply impossible for her to engage in reasonable
discussion.  As soon as I saw the title line this morning that attacked Vine
Deloria, I knew that we had yet another example of materially secular
reincarnation on this List -- and I refrained from making any response.
Again, I'm glad Louis has handled this as he has.

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