Israelis supply & train AUC

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Jul 30 04:05:04 MDT 2002

Last year, Israeli arms dealers bought 3,000 assault rifles and
ammunition  from the Nicaraguan security forces and covertly sold them
to Colombia's counter-revolutionaries (Contras), the United Self-Defense
Forces of Colombia (AUC)....

The principal brokers of the deal were Israelis working for a
Guatemalan-based company, GERSA, which is a representative of the
Israeli government's arms industry. The weapons, mostly Soviet-era AK-47
assault rifles, were purchased from the government of Nicaragua, which,
like Israel, is a U.S. ally. ...

The deal between the Israeli arms dealers and Colombia's paramilitary
forces is not the first military link between the two countries. In the
past, AUC fighters have received training from Israeli mercenaries.

(I do not agree with the author's comments in another piece that equates
TIPS with CDRs, but the above may be of some interest to comrades in the
Levant [sic].  Israeli operatives do what US agencies cannot do so

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