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Euskal Herria Journal is currently in its third release or version. We
are proud to have been one of the first independent Basque journals with
a presence on the Web as well as one of the first Basque journals on the
Web for both activists and contributing writers. In continuing our
commitment to provide readers with information on the economy,
environment, social issues and politics of Navarre, we are happy that we
can now make available the less known and often neglected viewpoints
about the so-called Basque conflict to people around the world.

Euskal Herria Journal is for both activists and contributing writers. We
maintain dialogue with reporters at news outlets by providing them with
information and constructive critiques when asked for, about the current
political situation in Navarre and its truncated territories.

Euskal Herria Journal is proud to be celebrating our eighth anniversary.
As political critics and activists, we're deeply concerned about the
profound challenges ahead. Spain's war and France's war against the
Basque independence movement, now backed by the so-called War on Terror,
raises additional threats to civil liberties and human rights every day.
Self-censorship in the world media is on the rise. Our response is to
redouble our efforts to advocate on behalf of a free, critical press.
Through web activism and a series of interviews, we are stepping our
efforts to press media to broaden its sources beyond Spanish and French
government officials, to investigate measures that, in the name of
security, perpetuates the Basque conflict and further curtails the
limited rights we have.

We will continue to do this with a limited budget and a team of
volunteers. This would not be possible without the support of our
readers. You can support us by telling everyone about our web site. Many
of you have told us that Euskal Herria Journal's most informative
reports have been empowering in the midst of the latest political crisis
in the Basque territories. This means a lot to us. Now more than ever,
it's crucial that we keep Euskal Herria Journal vital, active and
growing. Your support is what keeps our enthusiasm alive which is the
fuel we need to keep our project moving forward.

 Thank you!


July 2002 Updates

- 2,000 Years of History Destroyed: Archaeological Destruction at
Navarre's Castle Square in Pamplone. (by Blanca Garza)

- Who starts the forest fires? (by Mila Parot Zubimendi)

- Spain's unemployment reform to have adverse effects on women. -
General strike in Spain's Basque territories on 19 and 20 June - UGT
Catalunya compares labor market quality in Spain's regions and beyond.
Quality of Basque territories' labor market behind EU average. (by Benat

- It's time to pull the plug (by Blanca Garza)

- "Democratic" Basque Nationalists Demand Cease-Fire from their
"Terrorist" Basque Brothers and Sisters. (by Mila Parot Zubimendi)

- Navarre Papers (Nafarroako Paperak, Papeles de Navarra) A collection
of the more interesting political comments and criticism we've seen on
the Basque press.

- Noain: A living memory
Documents about the Noain Battle of 1521 and the 2002 event that
commemorated the Noain Battle for the recovery of Navarra's sovereingty.

- Proposamena (a proposal) A proposal drafted by Luisma. Design y ehj.
At ehj-leku


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