feminism and black nationalism (was bourgeoisie feminism?)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Jul 30 22:38:02 MDT 2002

nancybrumback at cs.com wrote:
> gender and class, the old conundrum will never go away
> until it is dealt with in a manner satisfactory to
> women.

First, you are correct that this list is crippled by a total failure of
the main posters on it to have even an inkling of the importance of
women to the proletarian struggle. It is a poisonously male-supremacist
list, and to that extent is a scab list.

And Stan was correct to quit the list in nausea at this poisonous

BUT your way of stating the problem, "gender and class," is itself fatal
to the cause of both women and working-class women & men. Clear strategy
does not flow from stupid analysis. To argue about "class and race" is
as stupid as it would be for mathematicians to argue about whether the
denominator or the numerator was more important. Thick-headed. The
attitudes you are objecting to are themselves based on this way of
posing the problem.

Actual discussion of this issue has never even begun on this list mostly
because of this phrase "class and gender."

 It will not go away just by saying, oh you have
> to wait until after the revolution.

Now you are disgracing yourself. If you want to argue intelligently you
have to argue against serious positions seriously held, and no one any
more goes around squeaking "oh you have to wait until after the
revolution." If that is your idea of serious marxism, then you aren't
worth discussing the point with either.

Stop throwing stupid slogans around and do some learning and thinking

There are two great barriers to working-class unity, barriers from which
all other barriers are derivative: racism (i.e., the ideology that
rationalizes and legitimizes the oppression of Americans of African
descent) and sexism (the ideology that rationalizes and legitimizes the
objective oppression of women).

Moral arguments against racism and sexism are so much spitting into the
wind. The point is that when marxists use the cliche "bourgeois
feminism" to put down the struggles of women, they are being scabs, not
that they are being immoral.

I'm not going to waste any more time discussing the "woman question" on
this list. Stan is right. But if you want a reading list of really basic
marxist analyses of male supremacy, post me off list and I'll send you a



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