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>Dear All
>I am interested in info on the Scottish Socialist Party.
>I have scanned the web and gots some bits and pieces
>but I am interested in it in relation to some of the debates
>on this list about the "party question" - how did they form?
>On what terms do different groups in it operate? How
>much a part of the worker's movement is it? etc

A Report of Two Conferences - the Annual Conference Of The Scottish
Socialist Party in Dundee and the "Whose Money Is It Anyway", conference of
the Socialist Alliance in London.

By Jess MacKenzie and Ernest Tate, April 16, 2002

The annual national conference of the Scottish Socialist Party (S.S.P.)
took place in Dundee, March 1st - 2nd, 2002, the birthplace of William Lyon
MacKenzie, republican and revolutionary and Toronto's first mayor. The
momentum of growth seems to be continuing for the party. It is now three
years old and has around 3000 members, with branches all over the country,
including the Shetland Islands. Four hundred and ten delegates and visitors
registered for the event. Popular support remains steady - in two
by-elections in March, which saw around 75% of the voters not casting a
ballot, the SSP candidates in a hard fought campaign, were able to increase
their vote. In one of the by-elections, they got 16%. In 1997 the party
polled 2%; in the last years general election, 6%.

This report will concentrate on two important discussions which took place
at the conference: The Socialist Woman's Network (S.W.N.) proposal for
50/50% gender balance on the electoral slate in the next Scottish elections
and the campaign to break the Labour Party monopoly over political funding
by the unions.

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