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> Carrol Cox has just been removed from this mailing list.

Good bye!
Carrol has hardly said anything that was out of the pale by even your own poison
pen standards. Since you obviously believe in two of them, I guess I am going to
have to go elsewhere. You see, he is right a lot of sexism exists here, and not
at all the first (or last) person to use such creative posting language. Shall
we look through the archives and find the best of our favourite posters?

I'll surely come back, this list is sickeningly fun. But you are humiliating
yourself on this question now. I'll purge myself, if you don't mind. Beyond
that, the list has no ability to actually discuss things the way it once could.
I remember learning a lot from debates once upon a time. It's been too long,
ever since this became a club for like-minded Marxists, not a discussion and
debate list.

One last thing: You can try and call this a political decision all you want,
anyone can see you are attacking people you don't like and sucking up to your
friends. That's your business, but it is also mine (and hopefully others) to
demand something better (or at least, be honest about it: you don't like Carrol
and other people can say whatever they want). I hope to see people on RG, A list
and other places I use my extra time in the morning over coffee- hopefully I
won't be late for meetings to write a zinger anymore.


(who will no doubt check the archives, I am now a recovering addict).

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