Granma:Venezuela will resume oil shipments to Cuba in August

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I received this important news via the Cuba News website.  The introductory
comment in parentheses is by Walter Lippmann.  One notable fact is that
during the halt in oil shipments that followed the coup the Cuban
government -- while speaking openly to the Cuban people about the problems
that resulted -- never, as far as I know, uttered a word of complaint to the
Venezuelan government.
Fred Feldman

(We know that the board of PDVSA,
the Venezuelan national oil company,
is opposed to this deal. It seems that
the democratically-elected government
of President Hugo Chavez is prevailing
over the political opposition of the
PDVSA board and administration.

July 24, 2002

Venezuela to renew oil supplies to the island in August

Cooperation in health, education and sports to be
strengthened and joint ventures in tourism, mining and
housing to expand

(Granma International staff writer)

VENEZUELA is to renew the supply of 53,000 barrels of oil
per day to Cuba agreed in the Caracas Energy Agreement,
suspended as a result of the ephemeral coup d'état in that
country on April 11.

Ramón Rosales, minister of production and trade of the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, explained that
negotiations between the state oil company of Venezuela
(PDVSA) and Cuba-Petróleo (Cupet) to continue the bilateral
energy agreement concluded last week.

>From August 1 this year, crude oil supplies to Cuba,
representing one third of the country's consumption, will be
resumed, as agreed in the Caracas agreement signed by
Presidents Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez in October 2000,
Rosales affirmed.

The Venezuelan official made this announcement after signing
the final minutes of the 3rd Cuba-Venezuela
Intergovernmental Joint Commission, which he stated,
"contains the ambitious plan of incorporating joint economic
investment areas in tourism, mining and housing" during the
rest of 2002 and particularly in 2003.

Marta Lomas, minister of foreign investment and economic
cooperation (MINVEC), who signed the agreement for the Cuban
side, noted that certain areas of work are to be
strengthened, like sports, given that the current 600
trainers currently in Venezuela are to be increased to 750
in December and to 1,200 in 2003.

The commission's final statement covers concrete activity in
the spheres of public health, education, agriculture, the
sugar industry, environmental issues, science and
technology, sports, tourism, culture and biotechnology, all
sectors that have been worked on since the last session in

Rosales highlighted the joint readiness for bilateral
cooperation and thanked the Cuban government and people for
the care given to Venezuelan patients and students as well
as the services being lent in his country by the island's

For her part, the MINVEC minister stated that within the
Venezuelan Patients Care Program operating in Cuban health
centers, 2,237 persons have received medical attention and
346 are currently in treatment. There have also been 804
operations, of which 134 were performed on under-15s.

She added that 282 Cuban doctors are currently working in
seven of that South American nation's states.

In the educational sector, five projects are underway on
literacy, informatics, retraining and teacher training. A
total of 640 Venezuelan students are studying on the island.

Meanwhile, 600 Cuban specialists are working as sports
trainers and collaborators in 21 states in that nation and
are involved with the national high-performance sports
selection, according to Lomas.

Within the sugar industry the Cuban minister highlighted
cooperation over the repair of the Pío Tamayo sugar mill in
the state of Lara, and the start of a feasibility study for
the construction of another in the state of Barinas.

Last year contracts were signed for the sale of generic
medicines, Hepatitis B vaccines, medical equipment and

Marta Lomas noted that although these gains are still not
satisfying for either side, in spite of all the
difficulties, the Integral Cooperation Agreement between the
two countries "is a tangible reality and is being
successfully met in its fundamental aspects."

During their stay, the close to 40 members of the Venezuelan
delegation visited El Pradero international health center
where patients from that country are receiving medical

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