Village Voice redbaits Congressman Vito Marcantonio

Alan Ginsberg aginsberg at
Fri Nov 1 11:16:02 MST 2002

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This is a copy of my letter to the editior of the Voice:

Alisa Solomon's article on New York State third parties, "Which Third Way?,"
claims that "the American Labor Party, founded in 1936, soon sent a
communist to Congress..."

Solomon is clearly referring to Congressman Vito Marcantonio.  Marcantonio
was often politically allied with members of the Communist Party. There is
no evidence that he was ever a member of that party or that he regarded
himself as a communist.

It was standard fare for Marcantonio's political opponents to wage
red-baiting campaigns against him.  For Solomon and the Voice to perpetuate
those campaigns is truly disgusting.

Alan Ginsberg
New York, New York

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