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Louis Proyect wrote:

> The plot is completely Byzantine, as befits the culture that Mustafa
> Kemal tried so hard to stamp out. It mostly consists of one kung fu
> fighting sequence after another as the two heroes of the film,
> including Arkin in a Han Solo type role, dispatch their evil enemies.
> Obviously lacking a penny for special effects, the film uses a
> trampoline to propel the actors over the heads of their antagonists.

"The Man Who Saved the World" should not be missed by any serious
movie fan. On another note, Cuneyt (June8 is how you should
pronounce his name) Arkin fought Byzantine in many other movies
as a "Bey" of the Turkish Raiders under the name Malkacoglu.
Apparently he took his fights with the Byzantine very seriously.

Here is what happened yesterday:

Cuneyt Arkin, or Malkacoglu, threw his weight behind the Workers
Party, the "nationalist socialists", and called support for the
party finishing his speech as: "Did I fight the harlot Byzantine
for nothing?"

For those who speak Turkish, have fun:,1082,65741_2,00.html



Louis Proyect

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