New poll: support for war slips in US

LouPaulsen at LouPaulsen at
Fri Nov 1 13:12:00 MST 2002

1751 adults surveyed October 17-27

Would support coalition war and maybe support
unilateral war: 32%

Would support coalition war but oppose unilateral war:

Oppose war: 34%

Don't know: 11%

Also, you have to dig to find this one:

Q.7  In your view, has there been too much, too little,
or the right amount of discussion of ways to deal with
Saddam Hussein other than using military force?

     16%   Too much
     50%   Too little  (that's 55% of those with an
     25%   Right amount
      9%   Don't know/Refused

More here:

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