Antiwar, Elections and the War

Armand Diego causebellum at
Fri Nov 1 22:27:53 MST 2002

A brief response to Huato:

Few people in the socialist left in the US are
involved in this elections. A few of us in this list
are, however, involved.  We do recognize the
importance of raising the issue of the war - and other
issues - in the elections.  We do so without
sectarianism.  In some places we support Green Party
candidates, in other places we support other socialist
or left wing candidates and in some places we were
able to run our own candidates with broad support.

The case of voting for Democratic candidates that
oppose or will potentially oppose the war is a moot
question.  They aren't in any shape or form.  We have
to make them pay for their support of the war at every
level.  They ARE part of the problem and in no way
part of the solution whther is on peace and war
issues, or racism or anything else.  Even people like
Barbaa Lee - who is championed by some in the left for
voting against the war resolution - are pro-war since
she, and EVERY Democrat in the House and US Senate
voted fopr EVERY appropriation bill for BOTH the war
abroad and the war at home.  Very few would disagree
with the wording of this or that resolution but they
ALL voted for what it counts: the money to wage war.

I'm campaigning for a local candidate, a socialist
supported by the Greens and a bunch of other
organizations.  Last Tuesday he participated in a
debate with a bunch of Democrats that privately are
against the war and put them to shame for their
official silence and their lack of leadership.  The
public responded in a raucorous kind of way.  By the
way, he has great possibilities at winning the race,
which will be the first socialist AND Trotskyist to
win office in the US for a long time.  Maybe the first

Byt the way, I'm looking forward for Peter Camejo -
Green Party candidate for Governor - to get 15% of the
vote in California next Tuesday.  That will be
groundbreaking as well.  I don't like Camejo one bit,
but I'm pushing for a vote for him.  That will send a
message as well.

Unfortunately, the Socialist left for the most part
either rationalized a ultr-leftist position on the
elections - parituclarly now during the war - or they
are too weak to be effective at them.  Or both, or one
feeds the other.

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