Cuba reports on October 26 protest, Weinglass speech on 5 jailed Cubans

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October 30, 2002
Attorney denounces injustice against the Five in Washington

Hundreds of thousands of people attend anti-war protest in
the U.S. capital and other cities

DURING a Washington protest and before a crowd of hundreds
of thousands of people, Leonard Weinglass, the eminent U.S.
human rights attorney, who is also heading the Cuban Five's
legal defense team, denounced the fact that the five Cubans
who fought against terrorism committed from the United
States are now serving life terms in that nation's

Weinglass was one of the speakers at the anti-war
demonstrations held in Washington D.C. in the afternoon of
October 26, where Reverend Jesse Jackson, actress Susan
Sarandon, singer Patty Smith and former Attorney General
Ramsey Clark, among others, also spoke.

During the protest, considered the largest since the days of
the U.S. war against Viet Nam, with over 200,000
participants, Weinglass noted that throughout the past 40
years, the United States has sheltered a terrorist network
in Florida directed at Cuba. He pointed out that the U.S.
recruited, trained and armed those aggressors, and when Cuba
repeatedly requested that the United States put an end to
their activities, its petition was ignored.

At that point, he added, the island sent a group of people
to monitor the activities of the terrorist network in
Florida and when they got too close, the FBI intervened and
arrested the Five. They were then tried before the exile
community in Miami and given heavy prison sentences.

Weinglass commented that the case of the five patriots is
currently under appeal and needs the support of all U.S.
citizens. He highlighted that this issue is easier to
understand if one thinks of the case of Orlando Bosch, a
member of that terrorist network who placed a bomb on a
Cubana Airline passenger plane in 1976, which exploded in
full flight, killing 73 people.

He explained that after that episode Bosch applied for U.S.
residence, whereupon the Justice Department and the
Immunization and Naturalization Services (INS) asked that he
be refused entry to that country as an undesirable person,
pointing to his 30 years of terrorist activities.

He went on to expose the fabrication organized by aspiring
governor Jeb Bush and the intervention by his father, George
Bush, then U.S. president, who annulled the Justice
Department and INS decision and granted Bosch U.S.

The eminent attorney confirmed that while the five Cubans,
who never possessed any arms or explosives, never inflicted
injuries upon any U.S. citizen and never interfered with
national security are serving lengthy prison terms in
maximum security penitentiaries, Bosch is walking the
streets of Miami, Florida as a free man.

On October 26, more than 100,000 people also marched through
the streets of San Francisco, California in protest against
the Bush administration's intentions to launch another war
against Iraq.

Similar demonstrations were held in Maine, Chicago, Denver,
Indianapolis, Ann Arbor, Taos, San Antonio, Cincinnati,
Augusta and San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Félix Capote)

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