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Sander Hicks sander at softskull.com
Sat Nov 2 09:10:26 MST 2002

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Hi Folks.

I am looking for advice on Ph.D. programs in radical philosophy
Thanks in advance for any kind of advice, be it harsh or generous.

Over the last 9 years I have written a good deal and have engaged in
some interesting projects, like founding of the leftist publishing
company Soft Skull.

In interviews with non-corporate media, I was given free rein to
theorize a bit.  I published a collection of philosophical fragments
from some of these interviews @


I am a Marxist, but a lively, vigorous one.
I am working on a whole new definition of the Absolute.
I have been kicked out of the sectarian left groups for petty reasons.

These days, my thinking had been praised for being rooted in real
world issues, at the new discussion board on these fragments at-

I am looking for advice from fellow radicals on programs that are
innovative, heretical, original and challenging.



Sander Hicks
631 424 1291

Coordinator, UPSERJ
United People for Social, Economic and Racial Justice

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