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>Marxmail list servers should check out the David Corn article posted on
> today--A particularly strident red-baiting article re:
>Workers World and Not in Our Name.   Given his prominence and the readership
>he commands as a Nation editor, I think that it is worth answering in as many
>forums as possible.   It could be a real education for a lot of young antiwar
>activists who have yet to think through these questions.
Although my feuds with Nation Magazine editors Marc Cooper and Doug
Henwood are old news by now, there is one thing that I never mentioned
here that really sort of made up my mind that there is something
seriously wrong with the political judgement of editor Katrina vanden
Heuvel and her husband Stephen Cohen, a Sovietologist who wrote a very
good book on Bukharin. Lately, not only have the two of them have been
appearing with some frequency on the Batchelor-Alexander WABC radio
show, the Nation has actually bought spot ads during its air time.

For the past year or so, Paul Alexander and John Batchelor have put
forward the most bellicose arguments on behalf of the war on terror that
is imaginable, including calls to nuke Iraq. From time to time, when
they turn their attention to Russia, they often invite their "good
friend" Stephen Cohen to call in and offer up his analysis. That Cohen
or vanden Heuvel would pal it up with these rattlesnakes is beyond
comprehension. (My apologies to all the real rattlesnakes out there
trying to survive in the cliffs and caves of upstate New York.)


Louis Proyect

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