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> Marxmail list servers should check out the David Corn article posted on
> today--A particularly strident red-baiting article re:
> Workers World and Not in Our Name.   Given his prominence and the
> he commands as a Nation editor, I think that it is worth answering in as
> forums as possible.

This article is making the rounds of course, which is absolutely no
surprise.  What was it I wrote a few days ago about liberal sectarianism
being as bad as anything you can find on the left?  When Corn's article is
pitched to the left, it is spun as being an attack on WWP's particular
positions within the socialist spectrum.  However, the article first
appeared in the LA Weekly and was pitched to the general liberalish public,
and here is the blurb for it on the LA Weekly site:

The anti-war protest in Washington, D.C., drew a Vietnam War-era crowd. But
how many of the demonstrators knew the main organizer advocates a socialist
revolution and abolishing private property? BY DAVID CORN"

A few days ago I also wrote:

"Liberals (I am not talking here about young people
who are new to left politics and/or to the movement, I am talking about
people and organizations whose nature is will defined), in so far as they
are only liberals (and not representatives of the workers, the oppressed
communities, etc.), represent a current of ruling class thought.  That's
what makes them liberals.  Their allegiance is to the bourgeoisie and to the
capitalist system."

This was called "ultraleft nonsense" by somebody or other, but I think I get
some credit for calling the turn here.

Lou Paulsen

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