NZ political leader calls for withdrawal of NZ troops from Afghanistan

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sat Nov 2 18:51:13 MST 2002

> > Yesterday the leader of one of NZ's two main political parties called
> > for the withdrawal of the NZ armed forces from Afghanistan (there's a NZ
> > SAS group there).
> >
> > The leader of the other main party said that this person's call showed
> > they were "unfit to hold public office".
> >
> > Anyone guess which one of these politicians is Bill English, leader of
> > the NZ National Party (traditional Tory party), and which one is Helen
> > Clark, leader of the NZ Labour Party?

> I think I would be fairly safe in assuming that the leader of the Tories
> is the one calling for the withdrawal of the NZ SAS.

Yep, right first time.

> Where can I collect my prize? ;-)

Unfortunately the question was so easy - and we're so poor - that I
don't have a prize.  Although I suppose I could always send you a copy
of 'revolution' if you email me an address off-list.

Needless to say, Bill English was quickly forced to back-track both by
the assault om him as "unfit to hold public office" by Labour and also
by people within his own party.  But the fact that he came out with it
in the first place is interesting - no Labour MP, not a one, would say
such a thing.  Labour is really keen to show how 'tough' it is when it
comes to dealing with making war on people in the Third World, crime at
home and so on.


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