US Socialists need a victory ...

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Sun Nov 3 00:59:54 MST 2002

Whether it is stopping the war, running united antiwar
and working class candidates or leading an exemplary
strike, socialists in the US need a victory.  A
victory that won't be used against others in the left
as a sectarian weapon, but one that would used to set
up the stage to a an awakening of the consciousness
that struggle pays and victories moves working class
consciousness faster than propaganda.  It is necessary
to break the present stage of impotence - disguised as
theoretical principple - that any approximation to
that victory is an act of betrayal. While many in this
list would agree that next November 5 is an
opportunity to see one such approximation, there is
not a single, common effort to defeat somewhere the
bipartisan system in the form of defeating a Democrat
and electing a left wing candidate.  Same goes for the
antiwar movement, or the union work.  So far, the US
socialist left has not ceased to act as a bottom feeder.

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