Oz labour stats vs. USA labor stats......

Mike Ballard swillsqueal at yahoo.com.au
Sun Nov 3 02:32:22 MST 2002

In an excellent e-mail from some bloke in Oz, I
snipped the following info then passed it on to me
pals.  Cany anyone here help Roberta with similar info
about the USA?

If so, I'll pass it one.  Am reading the list with
much interest.

With many thanks,solidarity and wobbly greetings,

Mike B)

Mike, Do you have figures like these for the USA?

>From: Mike Ballard
>To: WA anarchists
>Subject: A quantitative guide to the workers and
employers in Australia....
>Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 05:19:12 -0800 (PST)
>In November 2001, in Australia, the population was
>19.2 million and the
>population aged 15 and older was 15,417,800. There
>were 9,190,400
>persons, who were divided by occupation as follows:
>managers and administrators: 730,100
>professionals: 1,681,200
>associate professionals 1,089,700
>tradespersons and related workers: 1,177,300
>advanced clerical and service workers: 388,300
>intermediate clerical, sales and service workers:
>intermediate production and transport workers:
>elementary clerical, sales and service workers:
>labourers and related workers: 837,800.
>This employed section of the population was also by
>employment was
>into four categories:
>employees 7,960,900
>own-account workers: 860,300
>contributing family workers: 44,300
>employers: 324,900.
>A third way of dividing up Australia's 9,190,400
>employed persons is by
>agriculture, forestry and fishing: 445,000
>mining: 81,600
>manufacturing: 1,095,900
>electricity, gas and water supply: 68,500
>construction: 711,800
>wholesale trade: 438,400
>retail trade: 1,399,800
>accommodation, cafes and restaurants: 458,500
>transport and storage:421,700
>communications services: 162,000
>finance and insurance: 351,100
>property and business services: 1,006,400
>government administration and defence: 384,100
>education: 654,000
>health and community services: 909,800
>cultural and recreational services: 233,400
>personal and other services: 368,300.
>Also in November 2001, unemployment was 619,500. All
>of these figures
>from the 2002, Labour Statistics in Brief, Australia,

>from the
>Bureau of Census and Statistics.
>Trade union density of the employed workforce was
>about 30 per cent. It
>higher in the public service sector, which includes a

>large part of
>and education, where it approaches 40 per cent, and
>was lower in the
>private sector, particularly small-scale
>real estate, etc.
>In the private sector, union density was only about
>per cent.
>The net number of trade unionists was about 3
>Of these
>about 60 per cent were in unions affiliated to the
>Labor Party, which
>mostly blue-collar unions in the manufacturing
>construction, wholesale and part of the health

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