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>Where do you get off calling people stupid without making a trip to 39 W.
>14th St some Tuesday evening at 7 pm and seeing how the IAC actually
I didn't say that you are stupid people, only that you sometimes make
stupid decisions because you cut off all possible criticisms through a
self-filtering process. If you were open to a more democratic process,
somebody might have told you a long time ago that ANSWER needs its own
office if it is to give the appearance of independence. Obviously you
are not interested in appearances.

>You could look at it this way:  the IAC is an organization with members,
>many of whom put it hundreds of hours building Oct. 26, and ANSWER
>is a coalition, whose members are organizations.
I did not say that they were the same thing. Only that WWP and Ramsey
Clark have a cavalier attitude toward how they are perceived by the
broader left. By sticking the two formations in the same furkackte
office, you are telling others that you make your own rules. This is how
the CP did business when it had 50,000 members. You are nowhere that
size, so you'd better get used to criticism.

>You've got a certain model that you think the people doing the organizing
>should follow. Personally, I don't think the anti-war movement that is
>currently in formation is ready to adopt it.  (This doesn't mean I think it is
>a model that ever would be worthwhile to adopt.)
I have no idea what your "personal" views are. We know and you know that
if you agreed with my analysis and said so here, you'd be brought up on
charges for breaking discipline. Of course, it is helpful for the
discussion to have WWP views expressed here since they need to be held
up for the revolutionary left to examine. There are many different
ideological currents represented here and they should know how WWP does

>Why do you disparage the work that the people who are building the anti-
>war movement on the ground are doing by calling them "stupid"?  Is it
>your way of expressing solidarity?
Some things you do are intelligent. Some things you do are stupid. If
you don't like criticism, take up folk dancing or ceramic pottery instead.


Louis Proyect

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