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Can You Trust Your Computer?

Dear All

 > From: Jose G. Perez
 > Subject: Can You Trust Your Computer?
 > Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 15:52:37 -0700

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For some reason this stuff gets me really annoyed. Maybes it is is a bit
of a bugbear of mine but I think its a good example of how capitalism
works up.

I imagine when TV came out - the hype about its new communication
potential, making the world a global village, educational opportunies
and now what do we have channels of crap broken up with commercials
every 3 minutes its hard to believe anyone would accept that if it
wasn't normal.

Every time I get a pop-up ad and the latest here in Oz for Explorer uses
is that words on the screen are highlighted and clicking them takes you
to some ad or other.

Anyrate what I was wondering is

1. What is the political economy of all this. I can see that TV stations
get advertisers money by putting on movies which is like an banner ad on
a website so how gets the money for all these pop-ups? Exactly what
service is being offered in exchange for us viewing them?

2. What are the technicalities - is it related to the software (there
does seem to be differences between Netscape and IE)?

3. What if anything can be done? Both at an individual level? Do you
avoid this with Linux or anything? Stallman suggests not accepting any
Word attachments but should we support this or is it just a technical
version of lifestylism?

Collectively - what responses have socialists made this? For most of us
on this list computers are part of our lives surely there is something
socialists can say about all this privatisation of the Net.




Louis Proyect

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