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> I think that you are confusing the kind of criticism that Proyect
> is making with the sorts of criticism that IAC/ANSWER is getting
> from people like Corn, Featherstone, or Horowitz.

No, Jim, of course I don't confuse Proyect and his criticisms with those
people and their criticisms.  Proyect was in fact saying that ANSWER was not
adequately protecting itself from Corn and(/or) Horowitz etc.  I would have
had to really lose the thread to get that confused.

> But do you really expect us to believe that if you did have a
> serious disagreement with the leadership of WW, you
> would see fit to express your views in this forum?  I think
> that most of us take it for granted that you are not about to
> use this forum to express any serious disagreements
> that you might have with the WW leadership, unless it
> was the case that you were going to break with the party.
> In other words we assume that you are functioning under
> party discipline, even if the party's leadership does not
> dictate every comma and apostrophe that you choose
> to write in this forum.

Of course you are absolutely right in all these points.  But the inference
to draw is that Paulsen is not necessarily sharing with you ALL that he
thinks about everything.  (Which would be verbose.)  He might have opinions
which he is not airing publicly.  (I suppose that is true of every one of
us; even if we aren't under party discipline, we might decide not to tell
the whole world on the Internet that we think that "organizer X is an idiot"
or that "organization Y really screwed up there", just in the interest of
unity, not giving ammunition to the bourgeoisie, etc.)

But that doesn't mean that the opinions which I DO air are not my real

Lou Paulsen

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