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Sun Nov 3 11:16:41 MST 2002

LouPaulsen wrote:

>people and their criticisms.  Proyect was in fact saying that ANSWER was not
>adequately protecting itself from Corn and(/or) Horowitz etc.  I would have
>had to really lose the thread to get that confused.

For what it's worth, I signed on briefly to Henwood's list to put a cork
in the red-baiter Dennis Perrin's mouth. I have also had exchanges with
Michael Berube, who red-baited ANSWER in the Boston Globe. And have
counter-attacked Marc Cooper and David Corn on PEN-L, which has a rather
large subscription base.

Furthermore, nobody could ever possibly confuse me with the sort of
politics found at Z Magazine or the Nation. I am good friends with Greg
Elich of the IAC, whose speciality is Yugoslavia. In fact some of the
research I did in Lexis-Nexis around the question of Milosevic's true
record as opposed to the "human rights" imperialist propaganda ended up
in the Workers World newspaper, as they freely admitted.

Jim is right. I view Oct. 26th as a big success. My frustration with the
WWP comrades is their seeming inability to see the next big step that is
required to effectively counteract US imperialism. That being said, I
agree completely with Jack A. Smith who wrote:

"The movement being built today must be more open to unity-in-action
between the diverse political and ideological components that compose
the whole.  This writer is a supporter of the ANSWER coalition and
wishes it continuing success, but of course there may be two, three,
many large coalitions from the left to the center that are required to
prevent or stop a war.  To be effective, they must dispense with
sectarianism and work more closely together.  The recent willingness of
ANSWER and the Not In Our Name coalition to support each other's actions
is a step forward.

"It is well known that there are wide differences in the long-range
goals of many groups in the antiwar movement -- from electing liberals
to office, to making minor repairs in the present system, to working
toward green democracy, social-democracy, pacifism, nonviolence,
spiritualism, socialism,  communism,  and anarchism.   The issue,
however, isn't unity on the level of ideology but on the common
objective of stopping wars and imperial aggression.  The quest to attain
final goals is an entirely different struggle, although it continues
from time to time to interfere with unity among the peace forces."


Louis Proyect

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