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Sun Nov 3 14:54:59 MST 2002

Gary Wilson wrote:

>A social-democratic dominated anti-war coalition is not something to be
>welcomed. Global Exchange? AFSC? They don't work in real coalitions; they
>only allow other liberals like themselves into their closed meetings and
>their test to qualify is based on money resources.
This also describes the AFL-CIO.

>I agree that the anti-war movement must be a coalition and that that
>coalition has not yet fully emerged. But ANSWER is a beginning.
I am very glad to hear this.

>Rather than trying to figure out how to give the leadership over to the
>social democrats (or the Greens or some others who are similar in the U.S.
>but who may not be much different than the Greens in Germany who became the
>executioners of Germany's first military operations outside its borders
>since World War II).
In fact the Green Party in the USA has been a sharp critic of the German
Green's foreign policy. Howie Hawkins (who lurks here), Joel Kovel and
even many of the more rightwing Greens in the USA have blasted German
Green support for NATO. The truth is concrete.


Louis Proyect

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