Gary Wilson gary at wwpublish.com
Sun Nov 3 15:10:51 MST 2002

Lou wrote

> In fact the Green Party in the USA has been a sharp critic of the German
> Green's foreign policy. Howie Hawkins (who lurks here), Joel Kovel and
> even many of the more rightwing Greens in the USA have blasted German
> Green support for NATO. The truth is concrete.

You are right. I threw in the Green's thoughtlessly, as a generic rhetoical
flourish. But the Greens in the U.S. are certainly much different from the
Greens in Germany. I am sure that they are active in the anti-war movement
here and are part of the grassroots coalition work being done. It was a my
mistake to lazily imply that it is in any way otherwise.


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