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This appeared in my mailbox. Does anyone here have any info about this
initiative or the political complexion of Colombian higher education



We are pleased to announce the creation of a new review, the Colombian
Economic Journal. Its main purpose is to divulge among the international
academic community the work of Colombian economists and scholars of other
social sciences. We hope to contribute to the creation of a broader and
more solid academic community and strengthen the links between Colombian
economists and those of Latin America and other parts of the world. The
Colombian Economic Journal is open to new and diverse currents of thought.

This initiative is initially sponsored by the Universidad Externado de
Colombia, the Universidad del Rosario, the Universidad del Valle and the
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, including its Centro de Investigaciones
para el Desarrollo (CID), and the Colombian Academy of Economic Sciences.

The editor of the Journal will be Mauricio Pérez Salazar, Dean of the
Faculty of Economics of the Externado. The Editorial Committee for the
first issue includes:

Homero Cuevas, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Universidad
Jorge Iván González, Director of CID, Universidad Nacional
Manuel Ramírez, Universidad del Rosario and member of the Colombian Academy
of Economic Sciences.
Alberto Valencia, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Universidad del

Additional members will be invited to join the Editorial Committee in the
near future, although it is expected that the number of members will not
exceed ten. Some distinguished Colombian and foreign academics will be
invited to become Associate Editors of the Journal.

The Journal will be broad-based and plural. We invite other Colombian
universities, academic and research institutions as well as the central
bank and other public sector organisations with responsibility for economic
policy to join the initial sponsoring institutions.

As the main objective of this review will be to make known internationally
rigorous academic and scientific research papers representative of the
various approaches  and tendencies of Colombian (and eventually Latin
American) economic scholarship, the language of publication will be
English. British usage and spelling will be preferred.

This call for papers seeks submissions of articles in English about
Colombian and Latin American societies and economies that contribute to a
better understanding of the country and the region, as well as those
related to current debates in economic theory, history and social and
economic policy. Contributors should remember that the main readership of
the Journal will be foreign scholars.

Guidelines for authors

Only original articles, unpublished in English and which are not under
consideration by other academic publications in that language, will be
considered by the Colombian Economic Journal. We are also interested in
reviews of books and of particularly significant articles. Submissions will
be subject to anonymous peer review.

Authors should send three copies of their manuscript, together with an
electronic version of the same, in Rich Text Format (.rtf), saved on a 3
1/2 diskette. Tables and graphs must be numbered with a specification of
the place in the text where they should be included. In the case of graphs,
please annex a separate file with the original data.

Articles should not exceed 15,000 words, including bibliography and
footnotes. Abbreviations, including Latin ones such as e.g., etc., cf., op.
cit., f., ff., passim, ibid., should be avoided. References in text and in
footnotes should follow the 'author, date' system (Erazo 1998, 124-126)
with more detailed information included in the bibliography. Bibliography
must be complete, and ordered alphabetically by the authors' last names and
by the dates of publication

Submissions should be accompanied by a brief biographical information about
the authors, address, e-mail, telephones, institutional affiliation, one or
two recent publications and an abstract of the article of less than 150
words. Six key words (if possible according to the JEL classification) that
help identify the subject matter of the article should be included.

The first number of the Colombian Economic Journal will be published in the
Spring of 2003. The deadline for submissions for the first issue is
November 29, 2002.

Contributions should be sent to:

Carolina Méndez Téllez
Editorial Co-ordinator

Colombian  Economic  Journal
Telephone: +57 (1) 316-5000 Extension 12349
E-mail: cej at bacata.usc.unal.edu.co
Ciudad Universitaria, Edificio 310, oficina 114
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Apartado Aéreo 055051, Bogotá
Colombia, Sur América

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