IRSP: RUC/PSNI Involved in Wholesale Child Abuse

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4 November 2002
Irish Republican Socialist Party

RUC/PSNI Involved in Wholesale Child Abuse

The IRSP in North Belfast have slammed the RUC/PSNI as being involved
in wholesale child abuse, following the revelation that a thirteen-
year-old boy from the Ardoyne area has been "blackmailed by the
discredited force into working as a low level informer against his own
community," said IRSP representative in North Belfast, Paul Little.

"The IRSP have put the family in contact with a reputable human
rights lawyer, we have also contacted both the Irish and British
governments with a view to getting the child's case raised at the
European Court of Human Rights."

In conclusion the IRSP representative said:

"The actions of the RUC/PSNI are quite clearly in breach of the
United Nations charter on the protection of the child, as well as
being illegal both in Britain and Ireland. The IRSP would call on all
children who have been blackmailed in such circumstance to
immediately tell their parents or contact the local church, who will
ensure that this insidious practice is brought to end."


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