Report on Costello Commemoration

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Mon Nov 4 20:01:56 MST 2002

At 06:25 PM 11/4/2002, John O'Neill wrote:
 >Costello's death elevated him to 'sainthood' within
 >the IRSP.

I wouldn't say that he's been elevated to sainthood.  I think there may
have been a bit of "hero worship" in the period right after he was killed,
but beginning with the document written by INLA staff officer Thomas Power
in 1986, there was a recognition that the Costello style of leadership also
had its drawbacks, as became apparent in the years after he was killed when
a power vacuum caused serious problems for the movement.

The Power document, among other things, advocated a collective leadership
and the party dominant over the army, both opposite of how Costello
approached things.  The movement adopted both of those as standard policy,
which is how it stands today - the political wing is dominant and the
movement as a whole has a collective leadership.

Thanks for posting your insights, John.  I agree that all of the Republican
feuds only served the interests of the British government.

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