Union Bashing at Greenpeace

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Mon Nov 4 23:25:49 MST 2002

Locked out Greenpeacers to protest AGAINST GREENPEACE!


Starting Monday Nov 4 at 9 am, OPIEU local 343 (Greenpeace Door Canvass)
will be peacefully protesting their illegal lockout by Greenpeace (GP)
management in front of their office at 250 Dundas St. W., just west of
University. This will be an information picket with banners, placards, and

This is a call for justice in solidarity with the union movement and all
social justice movements in general. Those who founded Greenpeace sought
to address wrongs by drawing attention to them. Sadly, 30 years later, it is
wrongs commited by Greenpeace that we must draw attention to. We hope
that our actions will bring about much needed change at GP.

What happened?

In Oct of 2001, GP and the canvass ratified a collective bargaining
agreement (CBA) that expires Dec. 31 2003. The door canvass was closed Oct
15 2002, despite the fact that the canvass was exceeding all terms of the

Starting in early July, management had illegally attempted to renegotiate
the contract by threatening to shut down the program while
offering new numbers or terms that if attained might be acceptable to
management and prevent a shutdown.

The door canvass has raised millions of dollars for GP over its 14 year
history, signed up countless thousands of new members, and canvassers
have volunteered in hundreds of GP activities. Many canvassers have been
arrested on Greenpeace actions. It is no exxageration to say that the
canvass has been the heart of Greenpeace actions and activities in

Toronto. In fact, one could say that the grassroots of GP have been locked

Recently,the union executive expressed the union's concerns to executive
director Peter Tabuns and chair of the board John Dohery. To date they have
not responded. Rather, Mr. Tabuns tried to enlist the support of
outside labour organizations for GP's position. Tabuns' requests included
asking a labour organization to advise the union to refrain from their
democratic right of peaceful protest. These outside organizations have since
denied his requests.

Peter Tabuns expects governments to honour environmental treaties that they
have ratified. We expect Greenpeace to honour this labour treaty that they
have ratified.

Greenpeace Canada has a poor labour record. This situation further damages
their reputation.

13 employees with up to 8 years seniority are illegally and unfairly locked
out. One of whom is still facing court charges for being arrested
on a Greenpeace action.

Please contact Peter Tabuns and Development Director, Rebecca Moershel to
let them know you think their actions are wrong and will suspend your
support for Greenpeace until their labour policies have clearly been

Peter Tabuns ext. 3012, Rebecca Moershel ext. 3014, both at
peter.tabuns at yto.greenpeace.org, rebecca.moershel at yto.greenpeace.org

For further information, please contact:

Gary Connolly, Union Steward 416-429-7658
or Patty Clancy 416-703-4448 ext. 29

Picketing will continue Tue, Wed, Thu, each day from 10am-2pm. Further
picketing is likely and more emails will follow. (Your support on the
picket line is welcome too!)

We appreciate your solidarity against these injustices.
AND Please forward."

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