Support for Saddam Hussein?

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Tue Nov 5 01:37:09 MST 2002

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> Well, no it's not. there is a difference (for example) between supporting
Cuba, which I
> would hold up as an example of socialism (as I'm led to believe you
support DPRK),

What, you don't think we hold up Cuba as an example of socialism? :-)
Naturally those hostile to us are trying to terrify everyone by labeling us
as worshipers of Kim Jong Il, and of course we ARE in solidarity with the
DPRK, but, heavens!, it's not a matter of picking one or the other.  I would
only protest that in my glossary the mere word 'support' (or even 'positive
support') does not begin to adequately depict the intensity of our
sympathies for the Cuban revolution.  Well, mine, anyway, and everyone else
in WWP whom I've ever heard talk about it.

Anyway, glossaries aside, I haven't seen evidence that our position on Iraq
is qualitatively different from yours in practice.

Seremos como el Che,

Lou Paulsen

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