The emerging antiwar movement

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>The initial announcement from the podium in DC was that
> the rally was to last from 11 AM till 2 PM and then all would march
> to the White House.  The initial rally plan was already too long, but
> the actual rally went on until at least 2:45 PM or so.  That in
> itself would have made the rally a trying experience (especially as
> our group included a 5 year old boy and a 82 year old woman), but
> unfortunately the grass was wet and swampy all over, too, so rally
> participants couldn't even sit down (unless they had the foresight of
> bringing some tarp), which pissed off a good number of people,
> including myself.

The ground was indeed really bad.  Yes, it had rained all night, but have
they given up on trying to provide drainage for that part of the Mall???
Well, it IS right next to the Viet Nam Memorial, so maybe it is supposed to
be a 'symbolic quagmire' or reminiscent of the Mekong Delta or something.
At least that was the spin I tried to put on it, but it was indeed
unpleasant not being able to sit down at all, and there were large patches
which were so pond-like that nobody would even stand there, although if you
tried to move about you ended up wading through them.  The rally was indeed
rather long IMHO, but the speakers were not bad by movement standards and if
we could have sat down it would have been considerably more tolerable.

Lou Paulsen

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