Support for Saddam Hussein ?

Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at
Tue Nov 5 12:43:13 MST 2002

In my opinion, whether you support Saddam Hussein or not is neither here or
there, leave the trashy demonology to conservative hypocrites who like to
kill from a distance, and pretend it is not happening. What matters to
Iraqis is not so much what we think of their politics (how many Americans
really know about Iraq anyway ?), but what the US and the British government
etc. does, and that is something that Westerners can act on.

Of course I personally would not support Saddam Hussein, because the
Baathists killed communists and socialists, which is not only morally
repugnant but also stupid, and apart from that, the war with Iran was a
monstrous mistake, as well as the Gulf war. Iraq and Iran need to help each
other, not fight each other.  I mean, leaving aside theologies, if you are
going to fight a war, you ought at least to win something, to be better off
for fighting it. You have to pick a fight you have a chance of winning. A
war where nobody wins anything, and everybody loses is moronic, a disgrace
for the human race, for human intelligence, for human morality.  Of course I
am personally completely opposed to military wars, full stop. This is
probably utopian, but it just means that I have no interest in following in
Trotsky's etc.  footsteps there (which would be ludicrous for me to attempt

(Concerning Trotsky's famous "unconditional defence" of the USSR despite
everything: by this he did not primarily mean that the regime was
"progressive", indeed he sharply criticised the Stalinist system. He meant
primarily that people in the West should oppose imperialist intervention by
their own governments in the affairs of the USSR, a developing country on
the path of making its own history. To the extent he apologised unduly for
the Stalinist system, that was chiefly caused by his own personal position,
and his own position vis-a-vis the communist movement, which was extremely
difficult, it distorted a correct view of things).

Hussein got the full support of Iraqi people, and it is pretty obvious why
if you consider their situation. But the real argument is between the
American people and the American government etc. Of course, the American
armed forces can win a military engagement with the Iraqi army, this is not
in dispute. Nor is it in dispute that they could set up a new puppet
government with some sort of "democracy" if they bash Iraqis enough, so that
the oil can flow and so forth. But nobody can seriously believe that
anything good can come of this longterm, and it is baffling how intelligent
people think it can. I cannot think of a single case where imperialist
military intervention has benefited the defeated country, at least not in
the long run. So now Afghani's have a democratic government, okay, but
people are still dying like flies there, they cannot eat democracy, it is
not a "priority" for the learned world leaders anymore. So all that is
happening here is that we are scraping the bottom of the political (oil ?)
barrel. Nations have to sort out their own history without that
intervention, except for where the masses of the people of a nation
themselves, or via their bona fide representatives, specifically ask for
this, and invite help. This is clearly not the case in Iraq.

So anyway, the issue is not "unconditional support for Iraq and its
government", the issue is rather "unconditional rejection of the policies of
your own government, which wants to pursue this war". And that is what we
can act on. It is pointless and arrogant for us to make plans or devise
schemes for what Iraqis should or should not do. That's their business.

As I mentioned before, Bush committed himself to a military budget to the
tune of the GDP of Australia or thereabouts. With just a fraction of this
money, you could generate some very good plans and actions for drastically
reducing US dependence on foreign oil, and it would be a good thing
allround. All or most of the technologies for that have been invented
already by Americans themselves. Someone might say, this is just another
utopian greeny idea, which takes no account of class interests, but when the
blood and gore start to hit home, people will wish that they had thought of
this before. The foreign policy of the USA will rebound on the USA. Muslims
don't fight like Americans. Once you get them on the wrong side, they will
fight regardless of how many people die in the process and regardless of any
reasoned argument some liberal might invent.
The most disgusting thing in world politics today, is the debates and
discussions liberals and conservatives are having about "whether to make war
against Iraq or not to make war against Iraq", as some sort of "parlour
game". It isn't a game, it is mass murder with lasting horrific

The Dutch Socialist Party is completely opposed to war with Iraq, and
opposed to any involvement of the Dutch government in this.


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