>Labour aristocracy, instrumentalism, empiricism, etc

Tom O'Lincoln red_sites at eudoramail.com
Tue Nov 5 19:23:50 MST 2002

>empirical evidence, the weight of which supports the growing stratification of the working class in countries like Australia and the growing privilege of the securely employed.

Growing privilege? The majority of "securely employed" workers are less secure than they used to be -- something that's very obvious in the Australian public sector. It's also common knowledge that we're working much harder these days, because to maintain pay levels we have to make constant productivity trade-offs.

Implicit in your argument is that securely employed workers are bought off, hence will not fight the class struggle. Peter, perhaps you might consider the Maritime Union of Australia, whose securely employed members fought the most heroic class battle of the 1990s. Despite that struggle, they are clearly less privileged than they were a decade ago.

>As for the more developed Third World or semi-colonial countries I have yet to see one where a stable base for parties like the social democratic parties of Australia, Britain, and Western Europe, exists

Really? What about President Lula, who has led a stable mass social democratic party for a long time, and is now behaving like a quintessential reformist politician. The Workers Party has been slowly co-opted, but I doubt if it has much to do with any "labour aristocracy".

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