Stanley Aronowitz replies to Manning Marable and Frances Fox Piven

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On 5 Nov 02, at 20:25, Louis Proyect wrote:

> This is my reply, which Portside promised to run, to a recent open letter by
> Manning Marable and Fran Piven in behalf of Carl McCall and the
> WFP.(circulate widely)
> stanley aronowitz
I agree with much of what Stanley has to say.  However, his union -- the
PSC, AFT 2334, which represents 20,000 faculty member and staff in the
City U of NY -- decided to endorse McCall on the Working Family line.
Stanley is on the executive board of the PSC so this is a bit surprising
especially since the executive board, of which he is a member, had
proposed endorsing the Greens.

One member of the delegate assembly told me why he voted to endorse
McCall.  The PSC had endorsed every Democratic candidate for governor
for the past thirty years.  If the withheld their endorsement the first time
the Democrats selected a Black man to run, this would be seen as racist
by the Black and Latino members of the PSC.

While the UFT, he largest AFT local in NYC endorsed and worked for
Pataki, the TWU (Transit workers, preominantly Black and Latino) also
endorsed McCall.

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