Left Party and Greens electoral advances in SF

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 6 03:17:27 MST 2002

While the Democrats around the country were paying the
price of capitulating to George Bush's war drive and
his violations of the Civil Rights of all Americans,
some in the left did not do that bad in yesterday's
elections. Particularly in California.

Both the editor of Frontlines, the newspaper of the
Left Party and two other local San Francisco
candidates of the Green party and the candidate for
Governor for the Greens edged out all the Republican
and some of the Democratic Party candidates in San

Abel Mouton, the local candidate of the Left Party
obtained more than 30,000 votes or 29% of the votes
cast in the race for citywide election for College

Peter Camejo, Green Party candidate for California
Governor got over 28,000 votes or 16% of the
Presidential votes cast in the City. He ranked second
in a field of six candidates that included Democrats,
Libertarians, American Indepdent Party and Natural
Law. Peter received more than 350,000 votes (or 6%) at
the state level.

Sarah Lipson, Green candidate for the Board of
Education got 62,000 votes or 45% of the votes cast in
this race and was elected as the second top getter in
a field of 12 candidates for three positions. Sarah is
a teacher who was supported by the rank and file
opossitionists in his union.

Whitney Leigh, an African American Green candidate,
got 19,000 votes for the Board of Education or 17% of
the votes cast for this office Citywide.

These candidates edged out ALL Republican, right wing
Libertarians and some Democratic Party candidates in
the City.  In the case of Abel Mouton, a member of the
Trotskyist Left Party, he received the largest vote of
any open local socialist candidate in decades,
anywhere in the City.

The Left Party and the local Greens are collaborating
electorally for some time now. These small but
significant gains will encourage further work to unite
the left against both Democrats and Republicans at the
local level.

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