SF Left Party vote

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Wed Nov 6 10:14:42 MST 2002

In the paragraph on Camejo, you have him getting the highest "Presidential
vote"...oops! Wishful thinking. Camejo was a particularly good candidate for
the Greens, and not just because he is Latino, but because of the force of
his personality, he was able to articulate the Green program (along with his
own eclectic mix of stock broker liberalism and his radical socialist past).
What it means for the Greens NEXT time is another question....

I am really surprised Mouton (LP candidate for Collage Board) didn't win. He
probably had the most well organized campaign...meaning he actually
campaigned instead of just publishing window signs.

So you all know, in the 70s, Tim Wohlforth sat on the SF Collage Board.


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