correction to reflection on left politics in nepal

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Wed Nov 6 15:17:55 MST 2002

sorry for the confusion, but this is meant to refer to
crown prince dipendra, who wasn't actually king when
the massacre took place.  i meant to say the crown
prince was the psychopath.  although dipendra did
officially become king for the two or three days he
remained alive after killing his father, he was
brain-dead at the time.

8. currently, there are debates within the leadership
of cpn-m on whether to sue for peace. had the previous
king, in his drug-fuelled rampage, not killed himself
and the senior ‘cadre’ of the royal family it’s
somewhat likely a peace agreement would have been
reached. not because the king was a wonderful guy, he
was a psychopath, but mainly because the
right-nationalists/royalists did not feel in such
crisis as they currently do—it seems in fact that they
have become weaker and correspondingly have become
more brutal in their agendas to preserve their status.
however, it is unclear of the extent to which the
right-nationalist forces are truly destabilised (eg
will the abrogation of parliamentary government be a
sign of weakness or strength?), which is probably one
aspect fuelling the debates in cpn-m over whether to
sue for peace.

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