Secret police raid Muslims -- What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #515 November 6, 2002

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                           Green Left Weekly,
                      Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #515
                             November 6, 2002
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Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: HOWARD'S RACIST ASIO RAIDS

Last week ASIO, Australia's secret police agency, carried out dawn raids
on the homes of immigrant Muslim families in Perth, Melbourne and
Sydney. More are expected this week. Green Left Weekly explains why
these raids are an outrageous attack on civil liberties aimed at sowing
fear among Australian Muslims.



 * Howard's racist ASIO raids who's next?
 * EDITORIAL: Labor joins attacks on civil liberties


 * DSP: Socialist Alliance is `at a turning point'
 * Socialist Alliance debate: Clarifying politics
 * Socialist Alliance debate: Left unity vs co-operative disagreement
 * Socialist Alliance debate: Positive proposals to move forward
 * Youth protest against war and WTO gathers momentum
 * WTO hides from protesters


 * UNITED STATES: `It was time to add our voice'
 * BRITAIN: The new protest movement
 * THIRD WORLD: World Bank funds fossil fuel crooks
 * RUSSIA: Chechen war comes to Moscow
 * EL SALVADOR: 200,000 march against privatisation
 * IRAQ: US backs Turkey's threats against Kurds
 * BRAZIL: A challenge to Washington?
 * ASIA PACIFIC: APEC summit fails to revive stalled WTO trade talks
 * INDONESIA: Right exploits anger at `war on terror' campaign
 * BRITAIN: Lesley McCulloch case debated in parliament


 * Students protest WTO and war
 * `Don't go to war for Packer'
 * Greens victory: `a win for the local community'
 * ALP refuses to end forest pillage
 * Bracks orders stop to logging in Goolengook
 * `Axis of greed' condemned at forestry protest
 * Labor MPs shut down local anti-war stall
 * WA Muslims in fear of further ASIO raids
 * War on Iraq: Howard prepares to defy public opinion
 * March to target WTO hypocrisy
 * Anti-WTO coalition decides against united march
 * Socialist Alliance candidate condemns ASIO raids
 * Thousands oppose war on Iraq


 * Eddie Gilbert: How racism destroyed a great cricketer
 * On the road with Che
 * Are Aussies heartless bastards?
 * Rock for Refugees draws good crowd


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