This is Republican Socialism!

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This is Republican Socialism!

The Irish Republican Socialist Party is an organisation created by
and for working class people, to aid working class liberation in
Ireland and internationally with others who share that common goal.
The IRSP stands in the tradition of James Connolly, seeking an end to
all forms of exploitation and the creation of a 32-county socialist
republic, with the working class collectively owning the means of
production, distribution, and exchange, as well as democratically
administering society.


The socialism we embrace is the kind that liberates, not enslaves. We
strive towards a society that functions to meet human needs, not the
need for profit. Our socialism is a means of liberating our class
from all forms of oppression, whether economic, political, religious,
cultural or social. It is a socialism that envisions our class
controlling their own destinies and that of the nation as a whole.

National Liberation

The struggle for national liberation cannot be separated from the
class struggle. Any attempt to isolate one from the other will result
in failure. It is meaningless to speak of a free nation, if the
overwhelming majority remain oppressed, and national sovereignty is
lost through multinational corporate control of the economy just as
much as by partition. At the same time, someone who refuses to
challenge British imperialism in Ireland cannot claim to be fighting
for socialism and the continuation of partition props up the
divisions in the working class of Ireland that hold us back from our
own liberation. We have no choice in whether or not we wish to
consider the interconnection of the national and class questions,
reality forces us to do so.

We define the national liberation struggle as that struggle which

*1-to force a British military withdrawal from the occupied Six
*2-the destruction of the pro-British loyalist armed forces.
*3-the withdrawal of British political influence from all parts of
*4-the ending the partition of the island of Ireland and the
overturning of both the partitionist governments presently
administering political affairs of Ireland.
*5-the gaining of collective economic control of the nation's
resources by the nation as a whole and the eradication of any control
or influence exercised by foreign capitalists over any aspect of the
Irish economy.
*6-the recognition of a separate Irish cultural identity.
*7-the establishment of revolutionary 32-county socialist republic.

We aim to build a strong alliance in Irish society of our class in
towns and cities, agricultural workers in the country-side,
unemployed workers, working class refugees, linked as a movement
internationally with other like-minded liberation struggles.

We firmly stand-by the struggle for a republic. On that we are
inflexible, but our struggle for the republic is a means to an end.
For us, the national liberation struggle is but an aspect of the
struggle for socialism.

Loyalism & Nationalism

We distinguish between loyalism and Protestantism. We recognise the
right of everyone to their own religious beliefs, provided they do
not use these beliefs to oppress others. We have no quarrel with
Protestant workers and welcome them to join us in struggle. However,
we stand totally opposed to the political ideology of loyalism.
Loyalism is a reactionary, sectarian and pro-imperialist ideology,
with which we can make no compromise. We recognise that nationalism
in the context of the Irish struggle is progressive, but we also
recognise that nationalism can play a reactionary role. The national
chauvinism of the Tories, National Front, etc. is
counterrevolutionary and anathema to socialists. The nationalism of
an oppressed country is vastly different from such reactionary
jingoism. We support all struggles against imperialism throughout the

Class Mobilisation

Only by mobilising our class north and south - Protestant, Catholic
and Dissenter - can the goal of national liberation and socialism be
achieved. Workers have distinct interests as a class, ultimately
opposed to any other class, we must join together as a class to win
control of society.


Our class faces daily, relentless assaults inflicted on us from many
quarters and a constant onslaught of attempts to divide us. The IRSP
oppose and fight against all forms of inequality and oppression,
including that of women, travellers, lesbians, gays, or other sexual
minorities, refugees, Africans, Asians, and any other oppressed
sector of the working class. We oppose racism, Zionism, sexism,
homophobia, national chauvinism, and anything else which divides our
class. We support reproductive rights and unhindered access to
contraception, including a woman's right to choose abortion. We are
opposed to religious sectarianism and seek the complete separation of
church and state and a secular society.

Our Earth

The increasing destruction of our environment is due to mismanagement
of industrialisation and the inevitable product of a system which
puts profit before all else, that is capitalism. The IRSP is
committed to sustainable and renewable energy sources, preservation
of the ecology and biodiversity of our planet, with protection of all
species and the promotion of a healthy environment for all people and
animal life.

Revolution Not Reform

The IRSP believe that the present class system cannot be reformed out
of existence. There exists no parliamentary road to socialism and the
liberation of our class. We need to build an organised working class
movement with the politics capable of leading the fight against
capitalism. Our class are entitled to control over all the wealth of
society and to obtain it through any means necessary.

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