A little more on the Russ Turcotte case

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 6 18:42:27 MST 2002


Although the initial report I received indicated Russell Turcotte's body had
been found near Minot, North Dakota [200 miles west of Grand Forks],
subsequent media reports, quoting law enforcement officials, place the
body's location several miles from Devil's Lake, ND -- a town also on
Highway 2, the road to Montana.  [He was found in some trees by a man
searching for lost cattle.]  Devil's Lake is about 90 miles west of Grand
Forks -- where Russell was last seen on the night of July 12, 2002.  Law
enforcement officials are quoted as saying it's homicide.

That entire stretch of Highway 2, from just west of Grand Forks Air Force
Base [itself 13 miles west of the Forks] is extremely lonely -- especially
at night.  There are only a small handful of towns on Highway 2 between
Grand Forks and the Montana border.  The distances and open spaces are vast.

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