Interview with US ambassador to Nepal

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Wed Nov 6 20:03:22 MST 2002

The following link is to an interview with Michael
Malinowski, US ambassador to Nepal.  There is the
usual bumpf ignoring state terrorism in general and
equating the maoists in nepal with the khmer rouge.
However, some interesting tidbits include delays to
the funding of security operations in nepal, the
relatively small amounts mentioned (eg US$17 million
for security operations) with a call for other
countries to donate more for security funding and a
brief aside on the new delhi-washington axis.

"On the security side, we have been able to cobble
together significant funding, and basically there is
$17 million this year to be used on the security side.
This money will be spent in conjunction with the
government of Nepal, the Royal Nepal Army and other
security forces here. It will consist of a
multifaceted package that will include equipment,
supplies and training. The training will include a
number of things obviously for counter-insurgency.
Also it would include things like civic-military
relations, public relations, human rights."

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